B-Gone Pint

B-Gone Pint.

Smell Zapper B-Gone: The environmentally safe answer for replacing chlorinated and petroleum-based solvents. B-Gone is a 100% active, 100% biodegradable product that attacks and solubilizes a wide variety of greasy soils, most inks, adhesives and polymers. It rinses easily in water leaving behind a surface that is totally film-free. B-Gone is safe for use on most metal surfaces. B-Gone will not damage carpeting, fabrics and most finished surfaces.  Always test on an inconspicuous area for color fastness before using.   It’s a non-flammable, safe cleaner for your dirtiest jobs!

SAFELY REMOVES THE IMPOSSIBLE: Adhesive, Tar, Grease, Asphalt Sealer, Oil and Glue! Non Flammable & Environmentally Friendly. Safe on Most Finished Surfaces



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B-Gone Pint

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